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The Pocket Dragon at Playrama

Today I discovered that this cheeky little dragon had sneaked into a batch of Playramas that were delivered here today. It turns out that he is very useful as a bookmark, and as a fearsome defender of your top shirt pocket. Anyway he’s eager to get out and about so I’m giving him away with every order from our website. You know, I’ve only recently realised that I had the, ‘sandbox’, feature switched on which meant no one could order anything.. this is for months and months! I’ve fixed it now so if you were trying to order some Playrama you now can. A big sorry from me for being such nitwit with the technology.

Back to the red dragon.. The question is, what to call him?


John Vernon Lord helps at the Playrama factory

John Vernon Lord

Here at Playrama Towers the production lines have been running night and day to keep up with the massive demand. To pump the much loved play sets out fast enough we have drafted in the famous illustrator of Giant Jam Sandwich, John Vernon lord, to help pack. Actually John is my father-in-law and made the mistake of visiting just when we needed to get a sizable order out the door. You will be relieved to hear that we allowed John a biscuit and cup of tea. Thank you so much for your help John!

Playrama Halloween

Rough drawing for the Witches Playrama

It’s just creeping into September and we can just see Halloween and Bonfire night on the horizon. I thought about it because I came across a photo of the rough drawing for the Witches – Hovel, Playrama set. The shame is that in my process the roughs get rubbed out when I ink over them, and are generally lost to time as I usually forget to take a record scan. The Witches are my favourite Playrama set so far, mainly because I love spooky things, not totally hairy-scary, just funny fun. An example of this are some films by Tim Burton, such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride.

The Witches Hovel Playrama

Here is the finished Witches Hovel Playrama just waiting to be opened up and played with. Some of the character ideas come form drawings I did as a child, such as Ben the spider. I think it was because it was easy, you just draw a black hairy ball, put some eyes and fangs on it and 8 hairy legs. Ben looks scary, but he isn’t really, in fact I imagine he’s just like a big puppy dog, who gets very excited when Dizzy and Jet are whizzing around the hovel on their broomsticks. I believe that he has been very useful spinning webs between trees so the witches can put their washing up to dry!