Playramas are card play sets developed and illustrated by Leo Hartas. Each set contains a collection of delightful characters and props to make up a scene or story.
They come ready to play straight out of the pack. Just fold back the simple tab and stand them up.

Playramas are:

A Play Set

I came up with the idea for Playramas from a love of simple card cutouts, and the pleasure I remember as a child playing for hours with tiny worlds made from plastic models. I love kits and sets. A contained little package of imagination and possibilities.

A Decoration

You don’t have to put your Playramas away in their bag. Instead decorate your mantelpiece, or the top of your computer monitor. Brighten up your car dash, or stand them in your Christmas tree. The posibilities are endless.

A Gift

Ever wanted to send a bit more than a greeting card? Playramas fold away flat, are high quality, long lasting, charming, recyclable and not plastic! Being flat and light they are inexpensive and easy to post. The range is small but will grow quickly, so you will always find a subject to delight any recipient, and every occasion. The perfect gift.

A Collectable

Over time you will see the range of Playramas expand. Not only children’s, but also into themes that will appeal to grown-ups too. I have an enormous list, here is a tiny selection from it. Fairy tales, Dickens novels, movie stars, fantasy worlds, wildlife, super cars, country gardens, even a zombie apocalypse. What collector will be able to resist!

An Imagination

Every Playrama will spark your imagination in many different ways. For children they promote creative and play, a starting point to build whole miniature worlds. Playing out their invented scenarios are an important part of their educational development, as well as being a whole heap of fun!

A Story

Or more like an infinate number of stories. Usually books give you the text and the illustrations come from it. Playrama give you the drawings, and you make up the stories. You can enjoy the same story again and again, make variations, or make up something entirely diferent and new. They are your story worlds.

A Playrama

Playramas are simple stand up card characters and props illustrated by me, Leo Hartas. The first series is for children, though I won’t say anything if you are an adult who is irresistably drawn to their retro, yet modern charm.

Each Playrama comes in a durable A5 cello bag with an attractive flap over card top that protects the contents. When you’ve finished playing with them, you can store them flat in the same bag. Unlike plastic play sets, they take up very little space, and are easy to take with you on trains, planes and road trips.

All the items are made from high quality strong card with a wipe clean surface. They stand up on a simple folding tab, and are just the right size to not only interact with other Playramas, but also many well known children’s toy products.