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Santa’s Workshop Printable

My latest printable Playrama is here! It’s Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole where everyone is busy making presents for Christmas. You can download the play set, print and cut it out to play with or use as a delightful Christmas decoration.

The set contains the following:

Santa (Of course!)
A decorated Christmas Tree
Santa’s Sleigh
Rudy, Santa’s red nosed reindeer. (sister reindeer to the famous Rudolf who sadly is in bed this Christmas with a slight snuffle. Santa saw him sniffing and sneezing and thought he looked a bit peaky, so he suggested he have a nice hot honey and lemon and go to bed).Santa’s workshop. (The workshop is kept lovely and warm with the kettle on the stove ready for tea break. Santa’s little dog, Scooter, is fast asleep despite the banging and drilling noises of Santa’s hard at work helpers)
Lots of Helpers. (The Helpers are all busy packing presents and carrying them hither and thither, except that is for Peeps who is sitting on a bench. She got so excited about Christmas that Santa felt it was best if she took a few moments of rest, which is difficult because inky the cat wants a stroke.)

The set is very easy to cut out and represents fabulous Christmas value. If you were thinking you wish you had something unusual to send to distant relatives and friends this Christmas but were only confronted with the usual corporate tat, I reckon this Playrama is something special.

You can get it here

Have a great Christmas!

Download Playramas for Christmas

Etsy Playrama Shop

Etsy Downloadable Printables Playrama Shop

I’m delighted to report that my downloadable printable Playramas are selling quite steadily from my Etsy shop to buyers all over the world. If you don’t know the concept of the downloadable printable let me explain. You buy the file on line, in PDF format, download it to your computer and print off the set on your home printer onto thin card. I have found the best results are obtained from special ink jet paper such as Epson’s Heavyweight coated card.  You can then cut them out and stand them up! The great thing about this is that you can get your Playramas almost instantly, so perfect for any last minute Christmas cards or gifts, or to entertain the kids when they’ve grown bored of their battery operated plastic tat on Christmas day!

If you visit my Etsy shop please leave a quick star rating and review. 🙂

There’s still time buy regular Playramas in time for Christmas.

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Free Hovel

I designed this model about 12 years ago and it’s still downloaded hundreds of times a month. It makes a good easy introduction to card modelling for those of you wanting to build your very own mini-getaway retreat in the woods.

Download Hovel

Breathing fire this Christmas

Christmas Dragon

Christmas Dragon

I released this a few years ago under my Fantasy Cutouts range of download printables. It’s a fabulous card model of a dragon with Father Christmas riding into battle. I don’t know what battle, but probably to fight off the onslaught of Christmas pudding monsters. You know what it’s like! The dragon, along with a beautiful frost dragon is still available to buy and download from this link on RPGnow.